8. What the Heart Knows


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In the wake of bitter divorce, ex-paratrooper and businessman Larry Baldwin leaves New York and returns to Georgia to make a new life for himself. Handsome, charming, tough, and opinionated, he is a man whose hard experience has taught him to be uncompromising in his ambitions and ruthless in his demands. Yet, for all his success, Larry is uneasy with himself, with his life, and with his times.

“What the Heart Knows” is also the story of Cody West. Orphaned and alone, her exotic beauty and unflinching honesty have set her apart, earning her powerful enemies in the small town just outside Atlanta, where everything rests on appearances and nothing is what it seems. Finally, it is the story of a man and a woman who are worlds apart, yet who become unexpected travelers, journeying together into uncharted regions of the heart where love is the only guide … two people propelled into a relationship that will change their lives and haunt them forever.

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