22. Tyranny




G.W. Brannock is proud to be a rancher, a West Texan, and a American. The land he owns has been in his family for generations. But when the IRS claims he owes a fortune in back taxes — and some stiffs from the Bureau of Land Management tell him his family’s deed in invalid — G.W. refuses to stand down. This is his land, and there’s only one way the government can take it: over his dead body …

The battle lines are drawn. The feds hit G.W. with everything they’ve got, from legal threats to sabotage to hired thugs. All G.W.’s got is his grandson Kyle and feisty lawyer Miranda Stephens. But when his story makes the national news, a veritable army of ordinary citizens rises up and rushes to West Texas to join the cause … to fight against tyranny … to live free or die …

Battle lines drawn … the next civil war is about to begin.

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