2. Trail of the Mountain Man / Revenge of the Mountain Man (Omnibus Series)


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(Two Books in One)


You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks … With A Six-Gun!

When gold is discovered near the little town of No-Name, Colorado, the citizens are overjoyed at their good fortune … until trouble gallops down Maine Street on a horse straight out of Hell. For gold’s closest companions are greed and murder, and every two-bit gun slick from the Atlantic to the Rockies is beating a path to the gold strike — which is practically on the doorstep of Smoke Jensen. They’re looking to get rich quick … and never mind how it’s done. But this legendary mountain man never learned how to back away from a good fight — and this one promises to be a whopper.

Outnumbered a hundred to one, he recruits an army of his own: twenty aging but still lethal legends of the frontier of the frontier in the violent sunset of their grizzled lives. One thing you can count on: There’s going to be a lot of blood spilled before anyone walks away with the gold.


Smoke Jensen was buying cattle 100 miles away from his Colorado ranch when he got the horrible news: a pack of outlaws had struck his home in the dead of night, and shot his wife three times. Smoke knew the outlaws had come to kill him–and he wasn’t going to give them a second chance.

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