1. The Sanction


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With a forged birth certificate and more cold nerve than a fifteen year old should possess, James Edward Prince joined the Army.  After years as a loveless orphan, he had finally found a home.

Quickly they singled out Prince for what he really was … a natural born killer.  He was put into a special service unit and taught the fine art of murder … and he did it all without guilt or remorse.

Then, after thirteen years of service, the Army wanted him out.  They said he had had enough, but Prince didn’t agree.  With no choice this trained assassin became a civilian.

Lost and alone, he began searching for love.  Only when he found it, it was too late.  The Army had been watching him … waiting for him to snap.  When they saw the warning signes they decided to make their own move … James Edward Prince would be the victim of The Sanction.

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