2. The Initiation


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Way back in June, 1954, Paul and Judy Evans were initiated into “The Club of the Elite.”The thirteen year-old twins were excited, but just a little nervous, about their induction into the rich-kids-only club. All they knew was that they’d have to drink “Eagle’s Blood”- grape juice and vodka.

But that night, the deserted clubhouse became a chamber of horror and the evening ended in bloody brutality.

After seventeen years, the club members were grown and their childhood secret lay buried deep in their past. Suddenly, on the anniversary of the initiation, one of the members of the old Club of the Elite was the victim of a gruesome, bloody killing. One by one, the members were murdered, each corpse more grisly than the last.

One person had remembered the terrible secret all his life. And his sister”s blood cried from the grave for revenge.

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