1. Texas Moonshiners (New Series)


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When they left the Ozarks to start a new life in Warbonnet, Texas, the Shannon family thought their “Moonshining” days were over. But it turns out that running a horse ranch and farm is harder than it looks … especially when the family patriarch dies under mysterious circumstances. Now it’s up to the prodigal son, Pike Shannon, to rescue them from ruin. His plan: break out the old still, brew a batch of the secret family recipe, and sell some 190-proof white lightning to the locals. The whole county is dry as a bone, and there’s a fortune to be made.

Just one problem. They’ve got competition. Local sheriff Doak Ramsey is in the moonshining racket, too. And he’s not about to let a bunch of mountain hillbillies, especially a troublemaker like Pike, steal his customers. This isn’t just business. This is war . . .

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