1. Texas Moonshiners (New Series)


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When they left the Ozarks to start a new life in Warbonnet, Texas, the Shannon family thought their “Moonshining” days were over. But it turns out that running a horse ranch and farm is harder than it looks?especially when the family patriarch dies under mysterious circumstances. Now it?s up to the prodigal son, Pike Shannon, to rescue them from ruin. His plan: break out the old still, brew a batch of the secret family recipe, and sell some 190-proof white lightning to the locals. The whole county is dry as a bone, and there?s a fortune to be made.

Just one problem. They?ve got competition. Local sheriff Doak Ramsey is in the moonshining racket, too. And he?s not about to let a bunch of mountain hillbillies?especially a troublemaker like Pike?steal his customers. This isn?t just business. This is war . . .

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