21. Stand Your Ground (Thriller)


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Making good on his questionable promise, the President closes Guantanamo Bay so the terrorist prisoners will have civilian trials. A fair number of them are relocated to the crumbling, soon-to-be shuttered Hell’s Gate Prison in a remote corner of West Texas., the last place an Islamic terrorist gets to see before Uncle Sam punches his ticket to paradise. But now a group of sleeper-cell fanatical shock troops, under the command of a charismatic American-born leader, launch an all-out assault to “liberate” their jailed comrades. There’s just one problem: they don’t know the combat-savvy Vietnam vet John Howard Stark is working part time at Hell’s Gate as a guard.

To ensure the success of the mission, the terror cell hijacks a school bus with the town’s high school football team and will execute them if their demands are not met. With most of the guards massacred, Stark assembles a ragtag band of survivors and aging hardcore cons into a fighting force to keep the unholy warriors from their deadly mission. And Stark and his men are on their own–. everyone, from the President on down, orders Stark to give the terrorists what they want.

But warrior John Howard Stark, out-numbered and out-gunned, won’t back down.

One thing’s for sure: when the enemy gets to Hell, they’ll know America sent them.

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