10. Spirit of the Mountain Man / Ordeal of the Mountain Man (Omnibus Series)


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(Two Books in One)


A hard term in Yuma Prison gave Ralph Tinsdale and his gunhawk sidekicks time to nurse a deep hatred for Smoke Jensen – the man who put them there. A bloody escape gives them the chance to get even. Their posse is already forty strong, the price on Smoke’s head is up to twenty grand, and with Jensen’s own wife shanghaied into Tinsdale’s deadly trap, this time there’s more at stake than Smoke’s own life.

With the Arapaho and Shoshoni for allies, and his .45 Colt for cover, Smoke is armed and waiting. Now, only the Green Mountains stand between Jensen’s iron will and his enemies’ lust for vengeance.


The Wyoming tinderbox of Muddy Gap is feeling none too friendly ever since the Grubbs gang tore through on a hell raising rampage. And it’s far from over. Because what the vicious Utah Jack Grubbs would really kill for just rode into town: Smoke Jensen… and a small fortune in rawhide.

Smoke needed a break from driving a herd of remounts north when he showed up in Muddy Gap. Now, he’s on the run again, headed for the Montana wilds – with Grubbs and his men shadowing his trail. As if that wasn’t trouble enough, Chief Iron Claw’s bloodthirsty Cheyenne Warriors have just appeared on the horizon. It isn’t long before a war between the white man’s greed and the red man’s savagery turns the peaceful Bighorn Mountains into a simmering powder keg.

Caught in the middle – with no way out – Smoke Jensen is just the man to set off the explosion.

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