Shot In the Back (Other Westerns)


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From the greatest western storytellers of our time comes a new twist on the legend of notorious outlaw Jesse James — who just might not have died on that fateful April 3, 1882.

1942–Granbury, Texas. A ninety-five year old man walks into a recruiting office with the crazy idea to enlist and even crazier story. He claims to be the one and only Jesse James, the infamous bank robber allegedly shot by Robert Ford sixty years earlier. Using another man’s corpse to collect the reward, Ford allowed James to slip away and start a new life.

Changing his name to Dalton, Jesse worked as a cattle broker in Fort Worth and fathered a pair of twins named Bill and Frank. But when one of the boys turns out to be a chip off the old block — a young outlaw in the making — Jesse has no choice but to school the lad in the fine art of bank robbing so he doesn’t get his fool head blown off. Problem is, once Jess’s son gets a taste of the outlaw life, he decides it isn’t for him after all. Father Jesse, on the other hand, misses it…

So begins the wildest story the West has ever known, proving that some legends are bigger than life — and a lot harder to kill.

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