1. Riding Shotgun (New Series – Red Ryan)


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A blazing new series takes you back to the lawless frontier where every stagecoach was a moving target. Where every passenger needed protection. And where every hired gun who rides along better be fast on the draw?or be dead on arrival . . .


If anyone knows the road to purgatory, it?s Red Ryan. As a stagecoach guard, he?s faced holdups, ambushes, and all-out attacks from every kill-crazy outlaw, Indian, and prairie rat. But even he?s a bit reluctant to take on his next job: riding shotgun with his driver Buttons Muldoon on a stage bound from Fort Concho, Texas, to Fort Bliss. Word has it, the Apaches are on the warpath. They?re being led by a vicious war chief who means business, as in slaughtering every Texan from here to El Paso.

Thus begins a nightmare journey into 400 miles of harsh, unforgiving terrain and blood-drunk killers who plan to paint the town of El Paso red?starting with Red?s blood .

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