5. Pursuit of the Mountain Man / Blood on the Divide (Omnibus Series)


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(Two Books in One)


Itching for a challenge, Count Frederick von Hausen sails from Germany to hunt down Smoke Jensen. And with a party of the toughest hardcases in the West, von Hausen shadows Smoke into Wyoming’s high Rockies.

But Smoke Jensen is the last mountain man, and he knows the country like the back of his hand. He also knows that these doomed back-trailers couldn’t have picked a prettier place to be buried.


As more and more settlers head west toward the rugged Oregon Territory, so do the number of human vultures who lie in wait for them. The most vicious of these are the Pardee brothers, who’ve just teamed up with a pack of bloodthirsty Utes-leaving a trail of bodies and burning wagons that stretches from Emigrant Gap to the High Rockies, ..where a legendary mountain man named Preacher and his wagon train are headed.

On The Killing Grounds Trapped on the Continental Divide by a blinding snowstorm, Preacher and his party are sitting ducks for the Pardee boys, who are about to close in for the kill in the dead of night. But the settlers have underestimated Preacher’s will to survive. So have the Pardees. Inching the hammer on his Hawken slowly back, Preacher figures it’s his turn to lie in wait…

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