30. Preacher’s Bloody Rampage – First Mountain Man Series



When innocent people are threatened, Preacher punishes the guilty, dispensing his own brand of justice—one bullet at a time . . .


In a North American British province, a group of Norwegian settlers have carved a life for themselves in a lakeshore village called Skarkavik. Hunters and fishermen, they raise their families in peace under the natural cover of the surrounding forest.
Decker Galloway believes the land’s natural resources are being wasted on the few when so many have a greater need. Having made his fortune logging the wilderness of the eastern provinces, he wants to turn his axes and saws loose on the untouched western region. And no villagers are going to stand in his way.
But then there’s Preacher. He doesn’t mind standing in Galloway’s way.
Together, Preacher and his friend, the warrior Tall Dog, will remind the Norwegians of their Viking ancestry and declare war on Galloway’s gang of murderous gunslingers—with Preacher leading the charge.

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