OC03. Kill Me Tomorrow (Old Cowboys Never Die Series) – Releases November 2024



You’re never too old to fight for justice in the latest novel in the trailblazing series from legendary national bestselling Western authors William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone.


Texas good-old-boys Doolin and Tubbs take on a pair of copy-cat outlaws—and prove they’re not getting older, they’re getting deadlier—in their latest, greatest adventure . . .

Some say the Wild West is no country for old men. But apparently no one told Eli Doolin and Casey Tubbs. This rowdy pair of cowboys may be a bit long in the tooth but—thanks to the success of their new business venture, the D&T Cattle Company—they’re riding high in the saddle. And raking in the cash. What’s their secret?
They rob banks.

Disguised as even older men than they are, Doolin and Tubbs have managed to pull off a string of bank jobs without a hitch, making just a few withdrawals to help fund their ranch. But their lucrative sideline as undercover criminals takes a sudden dark turn when a pair of dangerous outlaws start committing similar robberies—dressed up as old men just like Doolin and Tubbs. Even worse, these copy-cat crooks are cutthroat killers. To stop these bad guys from smearing their good names, Doolin and Tubbs have to do the unthinkable: Team up with Marshal Colton Gray before they get wrongfully jailed—or kill their own doubles before their doubles kill them . . .

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