3. Law of the Gun (Western Anthologies)


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It’s an American icon: the Western shootist, living by skill, courage and a willingness to spit in death’s eye. Now, the greatest names in Western literature turn this mythical character upside down, inside out and every way but loose …

In The Trouble with Dude, award-winning author Johnny Boggs saddles a once-famous lawman with some high paying New York dudes in search of Western thrills who get more than they bargained for; in Uncle Jeff and the Gunfighter, Western master storyteller Elmer Kelton chronicles a quarrel between a hardscrabble Texas rancher and a killer for hire … with results that stun a town.

William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone offer Inferno: A Last Gunfighter Story featuring a series hero Frank Morgan. From a pistol-packing woman to a freed slave heading into a Nebraska winter and an education in gun fighting, THE LAW OF THE GUN is about journeys, vendettas, standoffs, and legends that end … or sometimes just begin with the roar of a gun.

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