16. Jacknife


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America Is Under Attack

And this time, it’s not New York City or Washington.

A sleeper cell of Middle Eastern terrorists are targeting the heartland: an all-American superstore on opening day, right outside of Fort Worth, Texas. The day after Thanksgiving. As insurance, the terrorists have also hidden a suitcase nuke somewhere in the store which they plan to detonate–a strike fifty times worse than 9/11 that will paralyze America.

–A Plot To Cripple The Country–

Brad Parker is the lone American intelligence agent who uncovers the plot after a raid on a terrorist training camp in Pakistan. But Parker is one man up against the inept bureaucracy of Homeland Security and the State Department–who refuse to listen…and now it’s too late.

–They Call Him Jacknife–

The only thing stopping the kill-crazy terrorists is already inside the superstore–a truck-driving, former Special Forces op named John “Jacknife”McCabe. He’s where the perfect terror plan is about to blow apart. Because Jacknife won’t go down without a fight. And with this guy as leader, the terrorists will find their way to paradise a lot sooner than they think…

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