CU01. Cutthroats (Slash & Pecos Series)



Not every Western hero wears a white hat or a tin star. Most of them are just fighting to survive. Some of them can be liars, cheaters, and thieves. And then there?s a couple of old-time robbers named Slash and Pecos . . .

Two wanted outlaws. One hell of a story.

After a lifetime of robbing banks and holding up trains, Jimmy “Slash” Braddock and Melvin “Pecos Kid” Baker are ready to call it quits, settle down . . . though not completely by choice. The youngest members of their old gang, the Snake River Marauders, sell them out to the law. Slash and Pecos have to bust out of jail themselves. Now they’re ready to leave their outlaw days behind them and start over where nobody knows them. To finance their retirement, they need to pull one last job . . .

The target is a rancher’s payroll train. The plan is to get on board, grab the cash, get out fast. Catch is: the train is carrying a Gatling gun and twenty deputy US marshals who know they’re coming. Not that it’s hard to recognize Slash from his well-known scar or Pecos from his well-deserved reputation. The two are caught and quickly sentenced to hang. But at the last minute, their old enemy, the wheelchair-bound, bucket of mean, Marshal L.C. Bledsoe, shows up to spare their lives. For a price. He’ll let them live if they hunt down their old gang, the Snake River Marauders. And kill those prairie rats . . . with extreme prejudice . . .

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