14. Black Ops: American Jihad


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Lieutenant Colonel Art Jensen finds himself a soldier without an army after he is caught on tape killing an Iraqi terrorist in a Baghdad fire fight – only to have the media make him out to be a murderer. A career spent serving his beloved country now seems to be over…Until Jensen receives a new set of orders – secret orders.

He is promoted to brigadier general, and placed in charge of the Special Function Unit – a new, covert “black ops” team. A team of one. The terrorists are already here. Financed and trained by a billionaire Saudi prince determined to bring the infidel America to its knees, a number of sleeper cells within the U.S. are being activated. Officially, the politically protected prince is untouchable, and his campaign of terror stands ready to begin. But Art Jensen is no longer a soldier bound by orders – he’s a weapon, bound by duty and honor, and he has one mission: to destroy the enemy within

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