A Dangerous Man- A Novel of William “Wild Bill” Longley


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WILD BILL LONGLEY, a cold-eyed, psychopathic killer known by lawmen as “The Terror of Texas,” decides to spend the winter of 1875 in the small Panhandle town of COMANCHE CROSSING. With him is a vicious gunman named BOOKER TATE. Certifiably insane, Tate has killed fourteen men and is eager to add to his total.

When Wild Bill Longley and his sidekick Booker Tate, both dreaded killers, ride into the town of Comanche Crossing, no one is surprised that death comes along with them. Bill and Booker have no intention of leaving the town until they’ve gotten what they want – a beautiful bride for Booker and the sum total of all deposits at the Bank. But first, they’re going to stir up trouble on every corner and aren’t afraid to gun down anyone who gets in their way.

Unfortunately for Wild Bill, a man by the name of Tam Sullivan just rode into town with troubles of his own, and the well-known bounty hunter has his own agenda. Time will only tell if the two will cross deadly paths but it’s obvious to all that a showdown is on the horizon.

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