8. Trail of Blood (Loner Series)


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In the West, he had legendary shoes to fill. Now the Loner is about to face his deadliest challenge yet …

Bravery Is In The Blood

The son of legendary gunman Frank Morgan, Conrad Browning goes by the name Kid Morgan — the Loner–and forged a growing reputation of his own. But in the midst of a fight for his life, the Kid discovered that he too was a father: of twins he’d never met.

Now, the Kid heads back east to pierce a mystery guarded by murderous criminals for hire. Why is his ex-fiancee hiding his children from him? And why is this secret worth killing to keep?

The answers lead the Kid back to a small Kansas town and a tale of cruelty, greed and power — the kind of story his father always knew how to end: with courage and a gun …

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