8. The Burning (The Last Gunfighter Series)


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When Frank Morgan sets up camp in a lush valley in Montana, the last thing he expects to see is fires lighting up the night sky as fields, farms and homes are torched by so-called “range detectives” working for two powerful ranchers.

For the ranchers, the battle lines have been drawn in the form of newly settled farmland that’s cutting through the ranges, separating cattle from grazing land and water. But the settlers are breaking no law, and no one is going to prevent them from building their homes and towns–until the ranchers turn to a pair of vicious mercenaries who won’t stop until they run out of bullets.

Now, Frank Morgan finds himself taking gun in hand once more to help folks who desperately need it. Having fought his way across the frontier, he knows his time may be up–but anyone fixing to kill the last gunfighter had better to be ready to die.

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