7. The Bounty Killers (Loner Series)


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The Loner didn’t just bust out of jail, he busted out twice. The third time might be the charm — or a bullet in the belly.

A Bounty On His Head. A Gun In His Hand.

He didn’t want much — just the chance to drift out of Texas into New Mexico Territory. That’s when the Loner discovered there was a price on his head. A victim of mistaken identity, he broke out of Hell Gate Prison a few years back. Now, he’s behind bars again, until a sheriff’s love’struck daughter decides to come to his aid, and a beautiful bounty hunter — who also has eyes for the Loner — joins in.

Riding out of the frying pan and into the fire of a land war, the Loner has all kinds of murderous cutthroats on his trail. But he doesn’t have any problem with women — as long as they’re willing to ride on the wild side once the lead starts flying.

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