7. Massacre at Powder River (Matt Jensen Series)



The year is 1884. A 10-year-old British boy has come to visit his uncle’s Wyoming spread, just as the vicious Yellow Kerchief Gang has the ranch under siege. Outgunned and outmatched, a British rancher is willing to pay $5000 for help. That is more than enough money to bring Matt Jenson into the fray.

A huge, bloody gunfight, fueled by betrayal, erupts at the Powder River. But Matt has to shoot carefully. The Yellow Kerchief Gang has a hostage — the British lad named Winnie. And Matt has history on his hands, because Winnie Churchill must survive… Fifty years later Winston Churchill will fight a war of his own — carrying a Matt Jenson .44 shell in his pocket and a gunfighter’s spirit in his soul.

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