6. Wind in the Ashes (Ashes Series)


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“The Rebel dream is to rebuild this nation. To build something for future generations. Outlaws and roaming gangs of thugs and punks will not be tolerated.” –Ben Raines

A Savage New America

Our Founding Fathers would die a second time. Disorder and mayhem rule the day. Only one survivor has the guts to lead the once-great nation out of the ashes: legendary soldier and freedom fighter Ben Raines. Whatever it takes, he is going to rebuild America .. his way.

From his secret outpost in the far west, Raines calls his Rebels to back him in one last desperate assault against the Russian invaders and the mercenary turncoat, Sam Hartline. But until reinforcements arrive, Raines is forced to wage a one-man guerilla war against the enemy. It could be the first step toward a free America … or the final showdown of the warrior Ben Raines.

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