52. Blood Bounty of the Mountain Man – (Last Mtn Man Series – Smoke Jensen) – Releases December 2024




Shot in the head and left for dead, Smoke Jensen wakes up to find a bounty on his head, a target on his back, and a trigger-happy lookalike pretending to be him . . .


Reece Quaid doesn’t want to be known as “The Man Who Killed Smoke Jensen.” But when the legendary mountain man shows up in the middle of a stagecoach robbery, Quaid has no choice but to shoot him. He didn’t even know his victim was the famous Smoke Jensen—until he goes through his pockets and finds his papers. That’s when Quaid comes up with a plan. Since he resembles Smoke, he’ll simply assume his identy. Rob some banks. Hold up more stagecoaches. And shoot anyone who tries to stop him. Soon the whole world will be asking . . .

Has Smoke Jensen gone bad?

There’s just one problem: Smoke is still alive. Rescued by a lovely stranger and recovering from the head wound, he’s still a bit blurry about what happened—and who he even is. The only name he can come up with is that of a fictional bandit, which only adds to the confusion. Soon, the law is on the lookout for two outlaws now. But by the time Smoke comes to his senses, it may be too late. His lookalike is wanted for murder. His trail is getting bloodier every day. And Smoke is gearing up for the craziest showdown of his life—with a force of nature called Smoke Jensen . . .

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