47. Bloody Trail of the Mountain Man (Last Mountain Man Series) – Releases December 2019


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Johnstone Country. Mountain Man Justice.

If there?s one thing Smoke Jensen hates, it?s a man who fights dirty. And no one fights dirtier than a politician. Especially a lying, cheating, no-good grifter like Senator Rex Underhill. Luckily, with another election coming up, this senatorial snake in the grass has some serious competition: Smoke?s old friend, Sheriff Monte Carson. Carson?s an honest man, and he?s got Smoke?s full support. But Underhill?s got support, too: a squad of hired guns ready to hit the campaign trail?and stain it red with blood . . .

Swapping bullets for ballots, Underhill?s henchman make it all too clear that Sheriff Carson is not just a candidate on the rise, he?s a target on the run. But with Smoke?s grassroots support?and lightning-fast trigger?he manages to stay alive in the race. That is, until Carson?s righteous campaign takes a near-fatal turn when the Senator Underhill tricks his opponents, traps them in a mine, and literally buries the sheriff?s political ambitions. When the going gets tough, Smoke gets even. When this game turns deadly, it?s winner kills all . . .

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