46. Torture of the Mountain Man (Last Mtn Man Series)


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Dalton Conyers, half-brother of Smoke’s niece, Rebecca, is the deputy sheriff in Tywappity, Texas. When the sheriff is shot and badly wounded, Dalton assumes the position of sheriff. He asks Rebecca’s husband, Tom Whitman, who is a nationally known doctor and chief of surgeons at Boston General to please come to Tywappity and save the sheriff. He does so.

A railroad that is being built from Weatherford, TX to Ft. Richardson, will come right through Tywappity. Tywappity is midway between the two points, so it becomes the headquarters, which means a lot of money will be transferred to the local bank. Enos Crabtree has put together a rather formidable gang, with the intention of taking the money when the transfer is made. Dalton, who is now functioning as sheriff, is unable to raise a posse, or even to get anyone to sign on as deputy. Rebecca suggests that he asks Smoke to come help. Smoke, Sally, Pearlie, and Cal answer the call.

There are some preliminary encounters which begins a gradual attrition of Crabtree’s men. However with a hundred thousand dollars at stake, Crabtree is able to recruit a veritable army. But even that isn’t enough as in the final battle, Smoke, Pearlie, and Cal….with Dalton, prevail.

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