4. Snake Oil – Texas Moonshiners Series


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Some Shannon family moonshiners take a hard ride to sell some of their strongest brew—and find themselves tasting some bad medicine . . .


Family friend have hitched up a wagon and taken the family moonshine recipe on the road as a medicine show. The Texas town of Kiowa Springs appears to have an appreciative clientele until rival moonshiner Big Belly Ledbetter gets wind of their operation and shuts them down, thrashing the old-timers for trying to steal his business.

But no one threatens, much less harms, Pike Shannon’s kin. Strapping on his six-guns, Pike rides into town on a mission to avenge his family, only to discover that the folks of Kiowa Springs are being terrorized by Ledbetter and his vicious outlaw gang. As the moonshiners engage in a whiskey war, booze, bullets, and blood will fly . . .


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