4. Once Upon A Time In Texas (Firestick Series)


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The bestselling masters of the American West paint Buffalo Peak red with blood and bullets when Elwood “Firestick” McQueen and his old friends are marked for murder . . .

Elwood’s deputy, “Moosejaw” Hendricks is one of the fastest draws in the territory, and it’s the best kept secret in the West. But when Moosejaw guns down three notorious outlaws in an attempted bank robbery, word gets around. And news travels fast. So fast that every tin horn west of the Mississippi heads for Buffalo Peak to prove they’re the fastest gun. These half-cocked lunatics want to challenge Moosejaw to a showdown.

The bodies of would-be gunslingers start to pile up.

Moosejaw’s friends, Elwood “Firestick” McQueen and “Beartooth” Skinner, think he should hightail it out of town and lay low. That idea is blown away though when a case of scarlet fever puts the whole town under quarantine. No one can leave. And any gunslinger with a death wish can ride in. Which means Firestick and his pals are sitting ducks. Well-armed, fully-loaded ducks. And they’ll have to shoot back . . .

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