4. Kill Crazy (MacCallister Series)



In a town like Chugwater, Wyoming, you know who your friends are, who your enemies are, and who your kill-crazy maniacs are. For Duff MacCallister, the latest category belongs to Johnny Taylor and his gang.

Duff has wrestled with this polecat before, and knows that his bite is worse than his smell. But when Taylor’s gang tries to rob the bank and Duff manages to shoot one and arrest Taylor’s brother, the outraged outlaw raises a stink straight out of hell.

First, he begins to randomly slaughter innocent townsfolk one by one. Then, he leaves a note on the bodies warning, “We will kill more of your citizens if you do not let my brother go.”

Now he’s kidnapped a woman as bait lighting a fuse under Duff that’s bound to ignite the biggest, bloodiest showdown in Chugwater history …

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