CT04. Biscuits and Gravy (Chuckwagon Trail Series)



Johnstone Justice. Get It While It’s Hot.

Dewey “Mac” MacKenzie is no ordinary chuckwagon cook. He’s a marked man on the run who works cattle drives to stay one step ahead of his enemies. If these hired killers catch up to him, he’ll be slinging guns instead of hash—with a side order of revenge that’s best served cold . . .


A hot meal, a hard drink, and maybe a friendly hand of poker is all Mac MacKenzie wants when he drifts into the small town of Harcourt City, Montana. When he defends a saloon girl from the unwanted advances of some local toughs, he earns the wrath of the town’s powerful namesake, Oscar Harcourt. Harcourt rules this place with an iron fist, ugly greed, and an even uglier gang of thugs. Now he has his eyes on a ranch belonging to the saloon girl’s brother—a ranch they won’t give up without a fight. To raise funds, the siblings arrange a cattle drive to Rattlesnake Creek, and they want Mac to join them. But with so many devils ridng on their tails, Mac is ready to turn up the heat—and send them back to hell . . 

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