36. The Last Rebel- Survivor


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“In a book that forms a coda to William W. Johnstone’s “Ashes” series, Jim LaDoux, the grandson of the legendary General Ben Raines has seen his grandfather, and the last of his family, die in the beginnings of the plague that sweeps the world, leaving many millions dead and a civilization struggling to survive and re-build after yet another in a what seems like an endless series of crippling blows.

LaDoux, having stayed alone for six months in the isolated Idaho cabin built by his ancestors, realizes that he must get out and find life and hope or he will surrender to despair and death. As he starts traveling, he finds a young woman, Bev, who had been on a Believer mission and who has barely survived an attack by Rejects. The Rejects are a chaotic and violent movement of outcasts who have seen all the destruction and horror of the last few years and have formed a single belief: that there can be no God in a world such as they’ve lived in.

As they travel together, they find love for each other and they have to deal with members of both sides of the struggle and then encounter yet a third faction, the Rebels, who believe that Ben Raines’s set of beliefs is still alive and that faith, courage and firepower combined can beat back the evil that threatens to end the world.

Originally conceived as the beginning of a new series, THE LAST REBEL: SURVIVOR was the only volume completed at the time of the author’s death.

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