OM30. The Morgan Men: Legends of the American Frontier – (Omnibus – 2 or 3 books)



Paperback has two books:  The Drifter and The Loner
Hardback has three books:  The Drifter, The Loner, and The Morgans.


The Loner (The Loner Series)
When Conrad Browning’s wife disappears in the untamed frontier, Conrad finds himself assuming the identity of his famous gun-slinging father, Frank Morgan, to find her. But his hopes of rescuing Rebel are swiftly shattered–and now he’s burning for vengeance, the old-fashioned way. So he fakes his own death and starts calling himself The Loner, becoming the deadliest gunfighter this side of his own father–ready to settle the score in blood and bullets. . .

The Drifter (The Last Gunfighter Series)
Once, Frank Morgan had a wife and a future on the land – until a rich man with a grudge drove him out of Colorado. Since then, Morgan’s taken up the one skill that always came easy – gun fighting – and drifted to a mining town in the New Mexico Territory. But there’s nothing easy about two vicious gangs descending on the town and threatening to wreak havoc.

With his reputation preceding him, Morgan is elected to stand in the outlaws’ way. And with nothing left to lose, he’s the last man who will ever back down…

The Morgans (The Morgans Series)
There’s nothing particularly unusual for a legendary gunman to be summoned to the lawless, bullet-riddled territories of Arizona. But when Frank Morgan, aka The Last Gunfighter, rides into Tuscon, he finds himself ambushed and kidnapped by a ruthless Mexican bandit named Ramirez and his army of thugs. The only way out is for Frank’s son, Conrad Browning, heir to the vast Browning fortune, to ransom his father free. But Conrad isn’t giving up one cent. He’s got a far deadlier currency in mind . . .

Disguised as a hard-luck drifter, Conrad heads down to the border and scouts the Ramirez stronghold. It isn’t long before he infiltrates the compound. But to prove himself, he has to hold up a train with the rest of the gang. When the robbery fails, Ramirez catches on to Conrad’s ruse, and the only way out is for Frank to come to the rescue. It’s a wild turn of events for sure, but for the Morgans, when it comes to killing their enemies, it’s all in the family.

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