3. Rising Fire (The Jensen Brand Series)


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When the Jensen family sends a new generation out into the world, they always keep the home fires burning . . . and rifles loaded . . . just in case they bring trouble back with them . . .


Smoke Jensen’s daughter Denny can outride, outrope, and outshoot any man who gets in her way. But being a pretty woman, Denny sometimes attracts the attention of unsavory suitors. Like the lecherous Count Malatesta. Denny met the seductive Sicilian on her trip to Europe, and almost fell head over heels for the swindler. What’s he doing in America? Seems the heartbreaking hustler has huge gambling debts to pay off, and a deadly scheme to scam money out of the Jensens. But Denny’s got a plan, too . . . to shake off this silver-tongued stalker no matter what it takes, from a ghost town shootout to a blood-soaked showdown at the Sugarloaf Ranch. Alert: Where there’s Smoke, there’s gunfire . . .

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