3. Raising Caine – (Guns of the Vigilantes Series)


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Johnstone Country. Locked and Loaded.

Marshal Dan Caine is sworn to uphold the law. But sometimes justice isn’t served. Sometimes killers go free. And sometimes a lawman has to take off his badge to make those killers pay—the old-fashioned way. . . .

They broke into the cabin of a harmless old man. First, they tortured him to find out where he hid his tin pan gold. Then, they murdered him—brutally, viciously—when the man insisted he had no gold. Afterward, the three killers got drunk and laughed over the old coot’s screams of agony. By the time Marshal Dan Caine heard about it, the trial was already over. The victim was none other than Dick Meadows, the cranky old cuss who raised Caine as an orphan. The suspects were the sons of a filthy rich cattle baron who used his money and power to intimidate the jury. The verdict was unanimous: not guilty. And so the killers walked free. . . .

As a lawman, Caine has to respect the court’s decision. But as a man who believes in justice, he has a moral obligation to step outside the law, climb onto his horse, and avenge the murder of his oldest friend. No judge. No jury. Just one executioner. . . .

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