3. My Gun Shoots Bullets – (MacCoole & Boone Series) – Releases February 2024




Civil War veterans Mac and Boone put the brakes on a crooked railroad boss’s evil plans — using only their wits, their guns, and a few well-placed sticks of dynamite . . . 

All of America is buzzing about the new railroad line being built across the western frontier. Funded by a wealthy shipping magnate back east, this hugely ambitious project will expand his growing empire to the California coast—and crush his competitors in the process. This might seem like a golden opportunity for a lot of folks. But not Yankee spy “Mac” MacCoole and Rebel dynamiter Hokum Boone. Heading home from their latest job, they stumble onto the dark truth about this new railroad: the workers are prisoners, their families are enslaved, and their cruel rail boss is laying down tracks with their blood, sweat, and tears—on a one-way trip to hell . . .

Thurston Kane is a cruel railroad boss using immigrants as “free” labor. The men are treated like mangy dogs, the women are shackled and sold to the highest bidders—even the children and elderly are mercilessly worked to the bone. Mac and Boone are enraged by what they’re seeing. They’re also armed to the teeth—with a Henry repeater, Colt’s Dragoon hand cannon, sawed-off shotgun, and a few sticks of “widow-makers,” aka dynamite. Their first order of business is to free a wagon full of chained women. Then they start laying tracks of their own—to derail this once and for all . . .

They say you can’t stop progress. But no one ever said you can’t blow it all to kingdom come.

Live Free. Read Hard.

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