3. Judgement Day (Fury Series)


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It began with a handful of bedraggled pioneer survivors. It took root because of the courage of one young man. A town called Fury rises up in the midst of a hostile Arizona Territory-and lives every day as if it were its last.

Between newcomers and original settlers, the few hundred people who inhabit Fury, Arizona, know about survival. After all, if man or nature had their way, the godforsaken Fury would be yet one more ghost town. But Jason Fury, whose father’s name graces the town, can see that this ramshackle place called home is now facing its darkest day: Crippled by a draught, devastated by an unrelenting, blood-red dust storm, Fury is also under attack by Apaches who can smell the settlers’ blood and fear. For some people in Fury, it’s time to cut and run. For Jason Fury, it’s time to find a few good men-and women-to a fight a battle like no other before.

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