3. Hunter’s Moon (A Hunter Buchanon Black Hills Western Series)


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Johnstone Country. Loaded for Bear. 
Ex-Rebel tracker Hunter Buchanan and his faithful coyote Bobby Lee come face to face—and tooth and claw—with the biggest, fiercest killer they’ve ever known…

A cattle ranch stalked by the ultimate predator. A heifer gutted and beheaded by razor-sharp claws. A ranch hand crushed and shredded by powerful jaws. According to legend—foretold by Sioux Chief Red Otter—the attacks are an omen of terrible things to come. When a grizzly attacks a man or his property during a blue moon, it is a sign that the bear has been sent from someone on the other side seeking revenge against the man that killed him. And that man—the avenger’s true target—is Hunter Buchanan…

To end the curse, Hunter must hunt down the grizzly and kill it—before it kills him and everyone he loves. With his coyote Bobby Lee by his side, he sets off into the wilderness for the final showdown between predator and prey. But this time, Hunter is the hunted…

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