3. Firewater (The Texas Moonshiners Series)


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Texas moonshiner Pike Shannon plans to lead a wagon train of his finest brew to the state’s driest county. But the path he’s taking is long, hard, and wet—with blood . . .


Ever since he made friends with the sheriff of Warbonnet County, Pike Shannon has struggled to sell his family’s famous moonshine and stay on the right side of the law. His solution? Deliver a shipment of whiskey barrels to the dry-as-dust Pecan County—a week-long journey—and no one would be any the wiser.  It won’t be easy, though. Pike’s sweetheart, Sophie Truesdale, is part of a temperance movement that will stop at nothing to keep this wagon train from leaving town.

Worse, a gang of murderous, blood-crazed moonshining rivals have gotten wind of Pike’s plan. Plus, a crooked judge has hired a kaboodle of gun-crazy outlaws to ambush the shipment en route . . .

This is going to be one hell of a week. And before it’s all over, the trail will be stained with blood, bullets, and the best sippin’ whiskey in Texas.

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