3. Day of Judgment (Phoenix Rising Series)


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Our worst nightmares have come to pass: America has been taken over and is ruled by Muslims. The USA is now called the Islamic Republic of Enlightenment. Sharia is the law of the land. Americans have a choice–convert or die.

You Didn’t Build That

Three armies of brave but outgunned patriots–the Brotherhood of Loyalists, the Brotherhood of Liberty, and the United Patriots–send emissaries to Jake Lantz and Bob Varney at Firebase Freedom. Their goal: establish a more perfect union, revive the Constitution, and ultimately take back all of America.

The new capitol of New America is Mobile, Alabama. But the enemy is the same. The United Islamic Republic of Enlightenment is not giving up without a bitter, bloody fight. With the World Caliphate of Holy Path Islam behind them they are stronger than ever in their evil history. But so is a new America gathering force. Battle lines are drawn, new weapons tested. The United States of America–the Land of the Free–will rise again.

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