3. Cold Dead Cash (Shotgun Johnny Series) – New


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Johnstone Country. Shotgun Justice.


On his latest bullion run for the Reverend’s Temptation Gold Mine, Shotgun Johnny crosses paths with three desperate strangers. One is an old man. The other is his daughter Dixie. The third is his son, Jake Teal, a bank robber who’s wanted dead or alive. Thing is, Jake is already dead—stuffed in a pine box on his family’s wagon. Now every bounty hunter in the state is after his body . . .


Johnny feels bad for the grieving family and agrees to escort them to Pueblo for a proper burial. Of course, no good deed goes unpunished. A sudden snow storm turns the trail into a frozen hell—but that doesn’t stop the bounty-hunting devils who want to cash in on Jake’s corpse. Some of them think Dixie knows where he hid the stolen lootfrom his last bank job. Or maybe they’re really after Shotgun Johnny’s cargo of gold. Either way, they all could end up dead on arrival . . .


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