3. Code Name- Death (Code Name Series)


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Today, when bomb-throwing madmen rule nations and crime cartels strangle the globe, justice demands extreme measures. For twenty years, ex-CIA agent John Barrone fought his country’s dirty back -alley wars. Now, he spearheads a secret strike force of elite law enforcement and intelligence professionals on a seek-and-destroy mission against America’s sworn enemies.

In L.A., a teenage prostitute disappears. Months later, her billionaire industrialist grandfather watches as she stars in a porno film — one that ends with her brutal murder. Now, Marist J. Quinncannon has hired Barrone to penetrate a viper’s nest of sex for sale and murder for kicks. What Barrone and his team find is a snuff film kingpin with a 20-year grudge against Quinncannon — a depraved killer so powerful, he can only be taken down one way: with maximum force.

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