27. Valor of the Mountain Man (The Last Mountain Man – Smoke Jensen Series)



The outlaws picked the wagon mountain to attack…Smoke Jensen’s mountain.

They busted out of prison, armed and ready to wreak havoc in the high country. Outrunning and outfighting the U.S. Cavalry, more than thirty murderers and thieves would leave a trail of burned out ranches, robbed trains, and slaughtered innocents.

Now, Smoke is going to back to the place where his legend was born–to wipe out a plague of low-life vermin that have flooded the land he loves. But at the center of darkness stands a killer who has made a vow: to bury the Mountain Man in his home turf.

With the bloody showdown about to begin, there’s one thing Smoke’s enemy and his vicious gang of outlaws didn’t reckon on–with a man like Smoke Jensen against dozens…the odds are just about even.

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