23. Montana Gundown (Last Gunfighter)


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Like Father. Like Son. Like Hell.

Frank Morgan has one son he knows of — and Kid Morgan has become famous in his own right. But in Montana, Frank comes face-to-face with a young man with a deadly swagger and a stunning claim: that he’s Frank’s son too. And hes here to gun his old man down.

For Frank, the first thing to do is find out if Brady Morgan is truly his own flesh and blood. That means tracking down a woman he once loved, and then untangling her lies, lust and a scheme to steal prime Montana ranchland.

Suddenly, Frank is in the middle of an exploding range war — and he’s standing on the opposite side from young Brady Morgan. In a clash of guns and greed, two Morgans will face each other one last time: to decide who will live and who will die …

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