22. Chaos in the Ashes (Ashes Series)


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“If you’re cruel to animals, practice racism, poach game, cheat others, sell drugs, drink and drive or expect something for nothing, stay the hell out of any area under Rebel control. I don’t care if it’s constitutional or not. It works.” — Ben Raines

Barbarians At The Gate

In the fiery aftermath of apocalypse, America, as we knew it, disappeared–and was reborn as the Tri-States. Under the Rebel law of Ben Raines, there are no slums, no gangs, and no crime. But a new breed of anarchists and malcontents have banded together to destroy everything Ben Raines and his army have risked their lives–and the future of America–to build. As devastating civil war turns race against race, brother against brother, and the nation’s once-peaceful citizens into a modern-day barbarians, the Tri-States explode in a firestorm of violence and chaos. Now it’s up to Ben Raines and the Rebel Army to put the Red, White and Blue democracy back into business…before the red dawn of Armageddon.

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