2. Winchester 1887



On the American frontier, every gun tells a story.

It’s a Repeater.  It’s a Shotgun … In the wrong hands, it’s one deadly weapon …

Young James Mann came from Texas to become a lawman in the lawless Indian Territory.  Then the boy’s father came after him.  Now they’ve earned the wrath of the vicious McCoy-Maxwell gang … who are about to pull of their most savage attack!

But the Mann’s of Texas have a secret weapon:  Deputy Marshal Jackson Sixpersons.  While repeating rifles are spreading across the frontier, Sixpersons carries an oddity:  a 12-guage lever-action Winchester shotgun.  Soon Sixpersons will use his smoothbore to blow a hole in the outlaw gang.  And when the gun smoke and blood clear, a boy must pick up the gun and use it like a man … to kill.

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