2. Wheels of Death (Rig Warrior Series)


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Barry Rivers Crove his first rig when he was ten years old. Then life took him far from his Cajun roots and his dad’s trucking business. A war, a busted marriage, a twilight hitch in Washington — and suddenly the ex-Special Forces hero was back in Louisiana to take on his father’s worst enemies. Rivers won the war, but lost the last battle, when the only woman he had ever loved was killed by a bomb blast meant for him.

Now Rivers is alive in a hospital, but his identity has been destroyed and all he has left is his rage and his dog named “Dog”. That makes him the perfect man to become the perfect secret warrior, chosen by the U.S. President himself. Climbing up into his Kenworth, he points the big rig toward Kentucky mining country, where a depraved family is raping, killing, and stealing everything in sight. For Rivers, the mission is clear: be judge, jury, and executioner. But if he takes one step over the line, he’ll be dead.

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