2. The Troubleshooters (Guns of the Vigilantes Series)


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Johnstone Country. Warriors of the West.

Calvarymen and soldiers. Peacemakers and shootists. Deputies and bandits. They’re hard men unafraid to ride through hell and dispense the only brand  of justice blood-lusting outlaws deserve—fired from the barrel of a gun . . .


Broken Back, West Texas, is a town under siege. Mescaleros who once rode with Geronimo wreak havoc near town limits. Frank James, brother of the legendary Jesse, sits in a jail cell awaiting trial for murder. And a gang of bandits meaner than rattlesnakes and just as quick to kill has just robbed the bank. In their wake, four orphans mourn their banker father, and the townsfolk are left with a paralyzed sheriff and his new deputy.

Deputy Sheriff Dan Caine forms a vigilante posse of the most gun-handy men in town, including an old mountain man—and Frank James his ownself. With $5,000 of his money lost in the robbery, Frank has his own stake in capturing the robbers. Between avoiding Apache raiders and a band of deadly women riders who call themselves the Order of the She Wolves,  Caine has no choice but to trust that Frank won’t betray and back-shoot him . . . something of a James family tradition.

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