2. Some Die Young – (Man From Waco Series) – Releases September 2024


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Johnstone Country. Where Freedom Stings.

They call him The Man from Waco. Jailed for a crime he didn’t commit. Freed by the judge who locked him up but needs his protection. Hunted by a rival who wants them both dead . . .

Everyone deserves a second chance. Even someone like John Bannack. He took the fall for his bank-robbing brother. Served time in a Texas State Prison. And saved the life of Judge Wick Justice when their prison wagon was ambushed. The judge was so grateful—and so impressed by Bannack—he decided to release the hard-fighting man from Waco and employ him as his own private bodyguard. And personal avenger . . .

It’s an offer Bannack can’t refuse. But freedom isn’t free—and working for Justice is no picnic. Turns out the judge has an awful lot of enemies—both inside and outside the law—and most of them want him dead. The worst of the bunch is a rival judge named Raymond Grant, who hates everything Justice stands for. Especially his newly freed ex-con bodyguard. Grant wants to put Bannack behind bars again. He has the law on his side, the hatred in his heart—and the deadliest hired guns money can buy.  Even so, Bannack doesn’t scare easily. But when the shooting starts, the bullets fly—and Death comes for Justice—the Man from Waco will know the true face of fear . . .

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