HB02. Shotgun Wedding (Have Brides, Will Travel Series)




The all-time masters of the classic Western cordially invite you to another trip down the aisle with America’s mail order brides, and the foolhardy men who thought they could tame them. . . .

Wedding bells are ringing. Let the gun slinging begin!

Bo Creel and Scratch Morton are mighty proud themselves. They managed to deliver five mail-order brides to the New Mexico mining town of Silverhill in one piece. The town is so grateful, they want to make Bo their marshal and Scratch his deputy. Since they don’t have another cargo of brides to escort, Bo and Scratch are happy to accept the job, and even happier to attend the weddings of the fine young women they brought here. . . .

As it turns out, Cecelia has two young suitors competing for her hand . . . a well-off rancher and a low-born miner . . . but but one of them is not what he seems. Tomboyish Rose has gotten herself roped into a cow-rustling scheme with the wild young buck who’s stolen her heart. Luella has a not-so-secret admirer of her own, a former journalist who’s making headlines with a gang of Mexican bandits. And the refined Jean Parker thinks she’s finally found a suitable match in this raucous boom town. But it turns out her educated doctor has a dis-honorary degree . . . in killing.

With marriage prospects like these, Bo and Scratch will have to fight tooth and nail to keep the ladies safe and sound, and a real shotgun wedding is about to begin. .

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