LM02. Return of the Mountain Man (The Last Mountain Man – Smoke Jensen Series)



In this powerful novel, William W. Johnstone tells the story of a young Missourian forced by fate and violence into lawlessness – where he sees a chance to right the wrong that shattered his family and his soul….

Smoke Jensen is a young man raised on loss and bitterness, nurtured by a mountain man named Preacher. Now, Smoke Jensen, with a new black horse and an old grudge, slips over the unmarked border into the turbulent Idaho Territory. Ahead is a town called Bury, built on stolen gold, and run by a band of ruthless men who had a hand in the murder of Smoke’s brother in the Civil War.

Smoke’s father died in pursuit of those killers, but urged his son not to waste his life on vengeance….  The town of Bury was still a raw, untamed frontier, and no place for the faint hearted. Smoke Jensen had come a long way to find Stratton, Potter and Richards, and now Bury was about to live up to its name.

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